yaUs - yet another Ubuntu switcher

I have no idea as to what you are talking about. KDE4 is fine.

Things are moving forward to be more automatic, and NOT force users to do a manual reconfiguration.

I’ll go one step further and note a number of the posts on this thread are IMHO why most developers avoid forums such as ours. Its a sad day for us that we on this forum can not stick to the technical.

Not for me it isnt, I always had issues with KDE4 remembering my monitor settings.
It defaults to 800x600 on my monitor, now even though it can use 1024x768.
So by default KDE4 sends me to my second lowest res as thats how its auto detected, its happened to me on openSUSE, Kubuntu and Mandriva…
If I change my res its fine but ONLY FOR THAT SESSION, I log out and it automatically goes back to 800x600.
On Kubuntu I have to edit xorg to get it working the way I want it to, its a pain in the #@%^.
On Mandriva I use its config center
On openSUSE 11.1 I use Sax2’s gui
Now you tell me on 11.2 that is gone and i have to use the terminal to get the settings I need.
Its nonsense, I know Kubuntu doesnt have a tool like YAST or SAX2 because it was never developed, but on openSUSE you have something useful developed and its taken out because auto configure is supposed to solve all the issues for us.
But there is always the chance it will muck something up.

NO. I am not telling you that. You are telling me that. IMHO there is NO need to say I am telling you things that I am not. I resent that.

I am telling you that things are moving forward to automate the entire process as much as possible to remove the necessity to force users to auto configure.

But, I will tell you, and this IS different, that as for using the terminal, IMHO you are using the wrong OS if you think using the terminal is back in the stone ages. If I ever have any influence over things, and I probably will have NO influence, but if I do, I will make certain the terminal remains. It provides a manual backup capability that is invaluable.

When my wife and also when a colleague, had some problems with partitioning in MS-Windows they went to a Microsoft help page, which instructed them to use a Dos/command window. My friends who use Mac OS/X gloat that they now have the power of a command window. Those who think Mac and Windows do not use the command window are simply not telling the entire story (and I am NOT saying you are one of them - I am just noting this in general).

I have booted KDE4 on 5 different PCs. I have seen none of what you refer to.

Sax2 was gone in RC1 but I did a zypper dup & got it back in RC2,plus I think it’ll be in the final.

Oldcpu,correct me if I wrong about that.

Now Tara, the Sax2 gui is under applcations in the Kmenu just type sax2 in the search box. I know because I used it to get 1024x768 else mine goes to 1440x900.

Look I know for some users the terminal is a handy tool, but the less we need it the better it is for the image we want to send.
I mean the main reason why people think linux is so hard is the occasional use of the terminal, I am thinking of the fresh brand new user here who has never used linux or a terminal as everything is practically automated in Windows.
When I give out advise on linux i try to give it out in a GUI way, as opposed to saying “type in command xyz” as i dont want to refer to the terminal unless it is 100% needed.
In recent years most major linuxes for the desktop have drifted from the terminal, Ubuntu has, Fedora has, heck even Debian has even if its not meant to be an all out new user friendly distro.
I can deal with the terminal, but in the end I should not have to…
Even on ubuntu karmic, the distro everyone is saying is the vista of linux I never once needed a terminal except when I got medibuntu’s repos enabled.
I personally rather not have to touch the terminal unless i feel it is needed and to be honest I have not needed a terminal prompt in over 3 months now.
I only use the terminal for 3 things:
Alien (I know, I know)
apt on Ubuntu
and zypper on openSUSE

yeh i realise it moved, but if the tool is 110% gone in 11.3 without a suitable replacement i guess i will go hopping again unless KDE could remember my desired res.
Or use Gnome, that has no issue remembering my res.

Perhaps if the pressure is kept up in Openfate sax2 or a successor gui tool will be developed.

I hope to start something up on that real soon, like the development of a SAX3 for those cases when auto config doesnt work.

I’m an Ubuntu switcher, took a while to find Yast (even though i knew i was looking for “Yast”) but its labelled as “Install software”…

Thats a good point !

Amongst the 2 first things I do with a new install, is put an icon for both a terminal, and YaST, on my desktop.

Not to mention that Yast is so much more. If anything could be called a Control Centre, Yast could be. Many extra Yast modules can be installed to configure system things.