YaST2/zypper: how to "install all matching -devel packages"?

Dear fellows,

trying to replace older SuSE Professional 9.3 installations by openSuSE 11.1, I’m desperately missing a feature once available: run “yast2 sw_single” and chose “Extras/Install All Matching -devel Packages”. Whoosh - you have all header and include files you might ever need.

Where’s that feature in 11.1? Neither yast2 nor zypper appear to offer this. What are -debuginfo and/or -debugsource packages?! Why are these worth to be mentioned in yast2, but the -devel packages are not…?

How would you do this with zypper? I cannot search/install by pattern, as it then would happily install also -devel packages whose base packages are not installed…


… nobody having any info on this?

I’ve tried if the matching -devel package gets installed by default, but it doesn’t. If installing a package would automagically draw the pertaining -devel rpm, I’d understand omitting that option.
But as it is now, I have to do by hand for 1525 packages what formerly was a 3-click task…?

Thanks for sheding any light on this!

I’m looking too how to get back this missing feature. I don’t understand that nobody has answered to this yet. That was a simple but really useful feature.