yast2 update problem

attempted to update some packman items and recieved a key check error for the first package… hit retry, and yast2 stalled. Ctl+Alt+Esc’d out of the window and now the SoftwareManagement and SoftwareRepository modules both stall at “reading installed packages” which may mean that the database is now corrupted.

best way to proceed?

and yes, i did update curl yesterday.

Package management was a bit jittery for me this evening too, kept stalling during kde4.2 update

Wait, try later. Don’t log off until done.

open a terminal window, type "killall y2base’. After that you will be able to user the installer again. But better learn to wait, if there;s no proper connection to the repo it will tell you

yes i did think to kill the existing y2base threads before i attempted to restart SoftwareManagement, still no dice.

my question at this point would be if i invoke zypper with the -b or the -B flag or should i “clean” the existing db and then zypper -b?

In a su term

rpmdb --rebuillddb

If you feel safe to reboot, you could run zypper out of X
bring up a basic yast from a level3 boot user su


thanks for jogging my memory, that was the command i was trying to remember… i’ll post another thread if i need to…

Thanks caf