yast2 update nonworking on 11.0

Hi folks,

SuSE 11.0 seems to break the update mechanism on AMD64 systems with the gnome desktop active. For reasons beyond me, the PID file /var/run/zypper.pid seems not to get cleaned up as it should, leaving yast respond with not getting access to the system. The problem might be related to the “update” applet on the gnome desktop, as a colleague who uses KDE doesn’t seem to have this problem.

This is in so far most annoying as this machine is used by several people (not only as a private desktop), and updates should work there.

Any suggestion or solution?


Have you tried quiting the updater. Then run zypper from a su terminal:

zypper ref
zypper up

Some have found it helps to do this first:

rpmdb --rebuilddb