YaST2 - Software Management can no longer list orphaned & unneeded packages

After a new Tumbleweed snapshot last week, a change in YaST2 - Software Management removed one of the page types that could be picked under the “View” tab. This page was the only place where I could see two important categories in order to keep my system clean: Unneeded Packages and Orphaned Packages. I’m no longer able to see these two: The closest alternative I could find is going to the Repositories page instead and under Secondary Filter picking Unmaintained Packages… however this doesn’t seem to show either orphaned or unneeded packages exclusively, it displays ones that are still needed by the system. Is the old page going to be brought back, or will there be another alternative to seeing those two package categories?


Start reading from post #9.
And there is at least one other thread about this.

See also Bug 1155132

Thank you: I will follow those. Glad it’s been already reported and a solution can hopefully be found soon.