Yast2 software management at 100% CPU


i’m running opensuse 11.1 on asus X51RL laptop(1.6 Ghz dual core). when i querry for a package file list in yast2 software management, its hangs for more than a minute while consuming 100% of one core.this happens with packages with relatively large file list (ex kdelib, kernel-source…)

the strange part is that it’s totality smooth with the ncurses version.

i’s really annoying, am’i the only one here

Make sure you are up to date:
from a su terminal do:

zypper up

yes i’m running with all latest update

can you please check it with ur system?

Yes. I agree. This is indeed the case. Umm. I check on this.

Rightly or wrongly I filed a report on this:

ok i consulted the bugzilla entry, they say it is fixed in yast-qt-pkg 2.18.3!!

the latest version of yast-qt-pkg i have (after update) is 2.17.25-1.1??

if it is fixed in factory than it needs to be backported to 11.1