Yast2 services-manager fails to stop and start APache service

I have been chasing an issue with Apache on new TW install and using yast2 services-manager to stop and start Apache, however I was not getting the expected result of Apache restarting. So I finally decided to use the command line and systemctl to check the status and it showed that Apache had not been restarted since booting, so having done it manually with systemctl my Apache issue was fixed.

So it seems that yast2 services-manager does not actually stop and start a running service at all!

I’ve search bugzilla but nothing seemed relevant. Has anyone here seen this issue?


As you do not show any proof of what you did (and I admit that the GUI is a lousy thing to show to others what exactly is done, many screenshots to be made), we can not come to any conclusion if you did the correct things in YaST > System > Service Manager.

I will try to capture what happened but thought it worth asking first.


I am on Leap 15.4, but my experience on this and earlier versions is that With the YaST module, starting, stopping and setting for starting on boot or not is done as if doing the systemctl commands. Same for seeing the status (is there e.g. a difference between the status shown by YasT and that by systemctl status ?).

I apologize if this is a trivial question, but are you clicking Apply after selecting to stop apache and clicking Apply again after selecting to start apache?

I tried it on my TW and it works following the procedure above. You can verify using Show Details.

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My apologies but I made an error. Because the display changes to show the Apache service has stopped I concluded I did not need to hit Apply. To be honest I think this could be handled better if the display did not change until Apply was hit and the screen refreshed. Changing the display to show it is inactive gives a false impression it has been stopped whereas it has not yet been stopped until Apply is hit and the screen refreshed, similarly hitting Start the display changes before it has actually been started.

I think the display would be better if it said Stop pending or Start pending which would reinforce the need to Apply. Just my view and probably in future I will use the commandline.