Yast2 Qt Theme looks bad

Yast2 Qt theme looks bad. Yast2 looks better without it. Is there a way to remove the default package and provide it with the skin of Qt?

with theme:

without theme:


Uninstall yast2-qt-branding-openSUSE.

but why this package is included if everything looks better without it? :expressionless:

That’s a matter of taste.

I don’t see that as better.

Yes, I see it as different. But either version looks fine for me.

I would say so. As wolfi says, it is a matter of taste. Looking at the two, flipping back & forth, I tend to agree with nrickert:

Different, yes, but not very much of a difference, to me. Indeed, I would not care which one I had.

Oooops. Left this out:

Having said what I did in the post before this …

However, isn’t it great that if you prefer the other, you can easily go back to it and have things the way you like? A (most of the time) Linux advantage.:wink: