Hi all,
Sorry to put a list of my software problems in a single post but… It’s really frustrating.

I have opensuse 11.0 on a laptop DELL Precision M2400.
Here are the problems I have, in order of inverse importance:

  1. NVIDIA: Drivers are compiled and installed manually as usual, and they seem to work. However Sax2 doesn’t recognize them (VESA framebuffer graphics…). Minor proble, though.

  2. Under GNOME, as a User, I can’t get Yast2 to work (it asks me for the root password, I enter it, but then the process starts without anything being displayed). I always have to lauch it by terminal as a root user (su -)

  3. the SOUND is not properly handled by gnome, while in KDE works fine. In particular, I can’t get ALSA to work properly: I can only have one application using sound at a given time.
    I tried all the possible configurations in the control panel…

  4. Managing PRINTERS is as painful as ever. I ask yast to load the printer configuration tool and… It always get stuck for about 20 minutes at “building database of printers” before returning me the configuration interface. And very often when I configure my network printer (CANON IRC 3080) it seems to work fine but then in the applications I don’t have all the options I usually have for printing (double side etc etc.).
    Is there a better way to properly configure my printer?

I skip here other minor problems (like scrolling on the touchpad… I can’t manage to run gsynaptics, although I edited the config file…)

Thank you for any help !!!


about (4) when I configure, then it spends ages on “Save Queue”…

I hope it just goes on timeout, and I would like to set that waiting time to zero…

Is there a better way to properly configure my printer?

Hi. I always setup my printers in cups’ webinterface, because since 11.0 I was unable to setup a single printer via Yast. The webinterface ist here: localhost:631 Then go Administration → Add printer, follow the instructions and finish the installation as user root and root’s password.