Yast2 page format changed to show all icons for all apps?


Somehow my yast2 page format changed to
show all icons for all applications on the
right side of the page.

When I click on an application, the right
side of the page just jumps
to the header of the application section.

How do I reset the view to be as before?

Did you also click on the icon in the RHS, and then does that application execute/start?

Yes, both right and left buttons clicked
on the icon for the application will start it.

An app should only start when the button for the app is clicked, so that’s working properly I think?

I think the OP is on about the change to the Yast UI. It’s been this way for some time now, it started in 11.1 when updates in kde4 were on a roll and some updates were made to yast2, I have a feeling it was something to do with QT also. IIRC at first they had changed the familiar One Click starts the relevant service to requiring Double Click. This was later reversed.

The problem is that yast2 shows all the applications for the entire yast2 system in the right pane, always. It does not look
like the documented, structured yast2 qt look. It is also too easy to accidentally
click on one of the right-hand-side icons that has nothing to do with the application set that was chosen on the left pane.

Just so there is no mixup. This is how it should look:

I had thought it should not look like that.
Rather, I thought it should look like it did in 11.1. (I thought it did on the initial install, but I could be mistaken.)
Is this the only option for the layout?

You are mistaken.
It actually changed in 11.1 before 11.2 was released, though it may have been tied to other updates than the default repos provide.

It’s possible that the GTK version looks different, I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t switch to it because it’s less advanced.

OK. Thanks for looking into this.

It is one of those regressions one finds from tiime to time. The doubleclick was much more obvious and lots of people fell over it, and everybody was happy that is was removed again. This one is a anoying, but a bit more easy to live with. I always wonder what people think when they redesign a good working concept to something ridicoulous.

When someone wants to make a real point of it either at the openSUSE Bugzilla or at KDE, I am very willing to support.

When I walk over to the bookshelf with says “Linux books”, I do not want to end up stumbling upon MS Windows books. >:(