Yast2 Package Manager Looks Ugly

I have recently installed OpenSUSE and I am wondering:
Why does the Yast2 package manager look ugly?
Seems like it uses a different toolkit.

On 2013-01-14 01:26, denysonique wrote:
> I have recently installed OpenSUSE and I am wondering:

which openSUSE version? (it is not OpenSUSE)
Which desktop?

> Why does the Yast2 package manager look ugly?

It looks fine to me. Show a photo of what you see.

Carlos E. R. (12.1 test at Minas-Anor)

It is best to mention the openSUSE version and Desktop Used so that any help might pertain to the way you would address any fixes. If you are requesting help and you use KDE, try this:

Alt-F2: kdesu qtconfig <enter>

See if this does what you want.

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I use GNOME . I must agree it is not good looking(gtk version) and i must always resize the frames like stuff whenever i start it, but it is a very good tool and easy to use.
I found the QT one too complicated to use.

Here is the screenshot:http://i.imgur.com/MIUXT.png
As you can see the tabs and the buttons don’t look Qt and have different colours than the default Oxygen theme which I am using.
I tried before qtconfig and systemsettings to try to make any changes to root’s Qt theme (using kdesu) – it seems to be correctly set to Oxygen.

Is “yast2-theme-openSUSE-Oxygen” installed ?

doesn’t the software manager now (as of openSUSE 12.1) come with a locked down theme that is not configurable?

edit: I’m not talking yast here as that is configurable - but specifically the software manager.

Yes I have it installed.

I have found the solution accidentally while browsing a forum to compare openSUSE with Kubuntu which I used before I installed openSUSE.

  sudo rm -r /usr/share/YaST2/theme/openSUSE-Oxygen/wizard 

Link to forum post: http://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?60045-OpenSuse-KDE-12-2&p=308597&viewfull=1#post308597

Can you also post the new YaST so that we can see the difference?


yast.png ^

I usually just remove the default theme and set it with these:

kdesu systemsettings
kdesu qtconfig