Yast2 not installing correctly

Been trying to update my alsa and pulseaudio files with yast2, but it errors saying it can’t find the file, but when you go to the link, the file is there and it downloads. yast must be broken??

I add a repo for updating the sound mixers (alsa and pulseaudio) from https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/multimedia:/libs/15.4/
but when i try to update some files it fails even though the files are there.
The files that fail are

Yast2 says it is up to date, but i doubt the files available are the latest.

So why is yast2 saying it can’t retrieve the files when there available to download from the same location?

  1. I would not use the multimedia:libs Repo, that can break Packman packages.

  2. How do you want to update your packages with yast2? Yast-Online-Update?
    That will not change installed packages to packages from another Repo (vendor-change)

I will look at this tomorrow.
I am a little confused and frustrated that repo’s recommended by opensuse would break other repo’s that are needed. there doesn’t seam to be any structure that allows all these repo’s to work without breaking something.

That is a pity, but you should understand that what you want is not “updating” at all. You want to switch the source of some of the packages you have to those of another “vendor”.

Updates (being through YaST or zypper), are just doing that. replacing a package by one of a newer version of the same vendor. It will not replace a package that is installed by one of the same name of another vendor. Even when it has by incident a version string that might look as being more recent (each vendor may have his own policy in providing version strings, thus comparing these between different vendors is not very useful).

So, most people will switch vendor from the standard OSS repo to the Packman one when they want full multi-media support. And that then is a specific action (zypper dup --from <the packman repo>). After that those packages switched will then only be updated (with zypper up) from the Packman repo. This is important because else you would get a random mix of multi-media packages from OSS and Packman, based on version strings.

Now you can switch some packages to that multi-media repo (and no, that is not “recommened by opensuse”, it is there for those who know what they want and why), but there is no guarantee that all will be compatible with the Packman packages if you have a mix of both.


They are not recommended…
That are mostly factory Repos to build the newest Version of the Source.

I guess you got something wrong:

The officially recommended repositories are

for openSUSE Leap

  • OSS
  • non-OSS
  • repo-update
  • repo-update-non-OSS
  • repo-backports-update
  • repo-sle-update
  • related source- and debug-repositories

for openSUSE Tumbleweed

  • OSS
  • non-OSS
  • update
  • related source- and debug-repositories

For both openSUSE variants the Packman-repository can be used (optional) to obtain non-free multimedia stuff not supplied by openSUSE due to legal aspects.

All other repositories shown under download.opensuse.org are semi-official (development) repositories which you can use when you feel adventurous. But they are not recommended nor is there any guaranty that software from those repositories will work.

For more information see openSUSE Repositories.

And for external repositories see External Repositories