YaST2, Network config, IP Alias, not updating

opensuse 11.x
I’ve found a problem with the gui version, if I set an ip alias then i cant remove it, or modify it, i had to delte the entire “eth0” configuration, then rebuild it again

Futher tests i’ve made, this happens ONLY if i set an alias with no name, YaST2 puts a name for me “_”

And there is when the problem rises

I haven’t checked that on the text-mode version

Which version of 11? 11.0, 11.1, 11.2?

IIRC I reported the problem with settng and removing aliases from the GUI in 11.1 and the discussion brought to light that interface aliases like eth0:1 are not needed any more, although still supported by the kernel. You can just bind multiple addresses to a Linux network interface without having to specify a :name part. I don’t know if 11.2 has finished the transition away from interface aliases. You can search bugzilla for the issue.

The one im seeing the problem is 11.1 x86-64

Yeah, I did it by hand by editing /etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-eth0. The GUI control can create and start an alias but can’t deactivate it. The devs said it wouldn’t be fixed for the reasons I’ve written above, they were going to stop using interface aliases as a way of binding multiple addresses.

I think im missing something about your post.

What will be the new way of multi-homing an interface?