YaST2 LDAP Browser Dialog Box Defaults

Where does the LDAP Browser in YaST2 get its settings for the default CURRENT LDAP CLIENT settings?

My /etc/ldap,conf and /etc/openldap/ldap.conf and sssd.conf all have
ldap://localhost.com for the uri
dc=stamping,dc=com,dc=biz,dc=net for the base

I tried changing the settings in the YaST2 LDAP Client and manually in the config files.

I don’t think it is a problem but I keep looking at it when I am trying to trouble shoot other issues.

I traced the code in ldap_browser.ycp to ldap.ycp.
As best I can tell the default settings should be parsed from the uri and base settings in /etc/ldap.conf but they are not.


problem resolved,

appears the settings are stored in a table or db or such.
I think, not sure.

Anyway the LDAP Server address and Administrator DN fields were greyed out and input inhibited in the LDAP browser dialog box…
I also erroneously assumed the “Current LDAP Client Settings” were being pulled from ldap.conf.

Turns out that by selecting “Current LDAP Client Settings” from the drop down opened up the fields for entry and that any changes are stored as the default for future sessions.

I don’t know why they were locked to begin with and I am unable to get them to lock again.
They were locked for a number of days and through multiple reboots.

To me this is misleading.
If the settings are called Current LDAP Client Settings than they should read the current client info from /etc/ldap.conf

Otherwise the settings should be called something like “Default LDAP Browser Session” and there is no need to lock the fields.