Yast2 language + question about print preview

Hello all,
I have polish version of openSUSE 11.2 My locale is “pl_PL.UTF-8”. If I run Yast everything is in english, only sound is in my language. Anyone know how to fix it?

Second question: In KDE 3.x there was print preview option. How to get this feature in KDE 4.3?

I think this print preview is application specific ?

Maybe, but applications such as kpdf, kwrite, kate and more from kde had this option, which was very useful for me.

I have a similar problem: In FireFox No print preview, no printing. Assume it is a set-up problem (have language English(US), keyboard is Norwegian). FireFox is 3.5.6,
FF —> Help —> About does not show any information.

Jan Christian

Problem solved. Some update did it, I don’y know which. Sorry!

Jan Christian