Yast2 KDE Button Order

Is it just me or Yast2 button order in KDE is wrong ?

It should have been OK/Cancel not Cancel/OK isnt it?
it’s in openSUSE 12.2.

It looks right and makes sense as it is if you ask me

as you said it is just your opinion.
the button order of kde programs should be ok/cancel, right ?
if opensuse developers decide to use cancel/ok, all programs should be cancel/ok, right ?
i see most programs in opensuse-kde use ok/cancel order.
why this one use cancel/ok order ?
it should be all same, right ?

so is this a bug ?
or perspective of opensuse is just wrong ?

Yast is not KDE. It has a multiple GUI , Gtk, Qt, ncurses. In Yast the default all over is Cancel - OK. In GNOME the same. I don’t see a bug, I don’t see an openSUSE issue.

As you mentioned Yast has multiple GUI.
Yast GTK GUI should be Cancel/OK order just like all Gnome applications.
Yast Qt GUI should be OK/Cancel order just like all KDE applications.
Still glad to hear it’s not a bug, i thought i messed up my system.
Yast perspective is clearly wrong.
Well, actually it’s not the only wrong stuff about Suse. Or even Linux anyway.