YaST2 - How to create a bootable product USB?

Hello there,

Using YaST Product Creator I have created an .iso based on the official Leap .iso with all the repositories and packages I use in my daily work. It weights 2.7gb. It has a “boot” directory. I don’t know how to create a bootable USB from it. SUSE Studio Image Writer doesn’t recognize it. Using the “dd” command also doesn’t result in a bootable drive.

Any ideas? I couldn’t find a proper documentation for it online.

Maybe use SUSE studio that is what it does create bootable iso images.

I don’t necessarily need a Live USB. I want to have an installation media with my repositories and packages I need without uneccessary ones I don’t. From what I understand, Product Creator is just for that and I sucessfully created an .ISO with everything I need. I don’t know how to create a bootable USB from it.

From the documentation:

Your product definition is now completed. The Product Creator allows you    to choose from the following actions:   
  •               * Create Product *
                    Creates an ISO image of the selected product. If there is something       missing, the process will be aborted. Correct the error and repeat the       configuration. >   -                   * Create Image with KIWI... *
                    Use the pull-down menu to choose from different target formats, such       as Live media or Xen images. > 


Thanks. Does that mean that I didn’t understand it correctly or…?

So, if the former, how do I create a bootable installer with additional packages based on Leap?