yast2 help ... weird update behavior

Here’s my doubt …
I got 3 openSuse11.1 installed and running … all great by the way …but for some reason they don’t seems to be point for the same repos…

The only difference is 2 of those r setup to english language and just one to pt_BR “portuguese Brazil” , the brazilian one tend to get updates with 3 or more weeks later …

Why is that happen ?

I know my country is pretty slow in technology but even my machine lol…rotfl!

If your using download.opensuse.org then it will redirect, so depending
on network loads in your area it may fluctuate. You need to manually
set the mirror up if your wanting to use the same download location.

See here for the list;

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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Tks malcolmlewis

I’ll try out later …