Yast2 hangs at resolving dns

I have entered 3 nameservers (dns servers) in the network settings in yast. I guess this is the problem why it hangs at 55 % when resolving dns server. I use opensuse 13.2. Moreover I have changed the /etc/resolv.conf file manually but it has no effect. Can someone help to solve this problem?To my mind this is a bug.

How does it react if you only have one dns server set ?

I have three DNS servers configured already for years. No problem whatsoever.

What you tell lets me thinking that the first DNS server in your list is not always available. The second one will then be tried, but only after a timeout.

If you edited using YaST or “manualy” should not make any difference (when you make no errors).

But instead of talking about your /etc/resolv.conf while keeping it’s contents hidden for us your helpers, why not post it? Do you realy think we are using crystal balls?

grep -v '^#' /etc/resolv.conf