Yast2 gives an error message when I open it

When I open Yast2, I get the following error message:

  An error occurred during repository initialization. [https-download.opensuse.org-ede28a13|https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/SUSE:/SLE-15-SP1:/Update/pool-leap-15.4/] Valid metadata not found at specified URL History: - [https-download.opensuse.org-ede28a13|https://download.opensuse.org/repositories/SUSE:/SLE-15-SP1:/Update/pool-leap-15.4/] Repository type can't be determined. 

After acknowledging the message, Yast2 still works as expected, so I’m not even sure that this is a problem. What (if anything) should I do about this?

As you can see at the URL this is a 1-click repository (everything with a hex-code like ede28a13 comes from a 1-click installation). There are several threads in this forum that you should avoid 1-click installation and do custom installation instead. Remove this repository and your problems are gone…

E.g. a thread which explains (a little bit) the side effects of this nonsense 1-click installations…

Delete this repository.