yast2-firstboot scripts not executing at first boot

I was running openSUSE 10.3 using yast2-firstboot and everything worked perfectly. I have since upgraded to 11.2 and after a post on this forum I was able to get yast2-firstboot to run. The control file was moved to touch /var/lib/YaST2/reconfig_system instead of touch /etc/reconfig_system. All is well there and firstboot does run. I have a script that basically sets up the hostname, IP addresses, etc on the machines. This worked in 10.3 but in 11.2 it doesn’t execute. I can manually run the script which I have defined in the /etc/sysconfig/firstboot file. The SCRIPT_DIR="/usr/share/firstboot/scripts" I noticed a new entry this file labeled - # Action that should be done after the firstboot sequence finishes. FIRSTBOOT_FINISH_ACTION=""
Should I place my script here? I read the doc and you can use reboot but need my script to run first. To I just put the name of the script or the entire path to the script if that is the place to put it.

On a side note. Does anyone know where the default FIRSTBOOT_FINISH_FILE="" is located? I want to use that as a template but change and add a few lines to this. I just can’t locate it anywhere on the system.

197 views and NO one is able to either help or point me in the right direction. Something has changed with the firstboot in the newer version of openSUSE. I wish the developers would leave well enough alone, if something works don’t fix it. Now I have to waste more time trying to figure out why my firstboot script doesn’t work like it once did. >:(>:(

This is a support forum for openSUSE as it is. First you decided to upgrade, which is suggested not to. There have been quite some changes in linux since 10.3.
You would run in the same kind of trouble on other OS’s.

Maybe you’d get the support you want if you would be more clear about what exactly you’re trying to achieve. And do some research in advance to see if what you want to do is possible anyway. Your script might be calling obsolete functions/programs for example.

Yeah…OK. Thanks for your 2 cents.