yast2-firstboot openSUSE 13.2

It has been awhile since I’ve needed this but I am trying to create an image to use on several desktop PCs. I have everything squared away in the past, 12.1, I used yast2-firstboot which after the image came down would allow me to customize the PC information. Information like hostname, IP address, NTP, etc anything I wanted and specified within the firstboot.xml file. It appears with 13.2 something may be broken or not working like I remember. I touch /var/lib/YaST2/reconfig_system and reboot. My firstboot.xml file is read but I am getting the message:
Calling the yast module ‘inst_hostname’ has failed and something about a potential bug. Does yst2-firstboot no longer work with 13.2?

I have the y2log file but no place to upload it to.

With 13.2, just about everything is configured during the install. The first boot is to a user session, rather than to the final configuration steps.

So is there another way to basically “clone” an openSUSE 13.2 image to another machine and then configure the system settings like networking, hostname, etc?

I’m not sure.

One possibility is to unplug the ethernet cable before install. That should bring up a network configuration section. And, in that network configuration, you can set it to use NetworkManager (I think). The idea here is that NetworkManager is relatively device-independent, so your clones should work with that until you get to them to reconfigure as you want them.

That didn’t work either. I submitted a bugzilla report but unfortunately for this project I’ll need to find a different Linux distro in order to accomplish what I need to. Goal is to be able to use Clonezilla to drop the image down on similar hardware and then when it boots up have a simple interface or something which to change the hostname and networking. Those I believe are the big items.

I guess I could also drop the image and then on each on run yast to reconfigure those settings. Wish first-boot would work but after I get through all this going to see if it worked with 13.1.

DHCP IP/hostname assignment not an option?