YaST2 - Expert Partitioner - Device Graph Question

Within the YaST2 Expert Partitioner, there’s a “Device Graph” option that displays a very nice partition graph as an image. At the bottom of the window there’s an option to save the device graph. If you do this, it saves to an ASCII text file, and it wants to save the file as a .gv file type. What ever that is. When I examine the file, the first line says “// generated by libstorage version 2.26.10”.

I’ve tried searching for an external tool to view this file as an image, and I can’t figure it out. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I thought maybe it was a Graphiz file, or a gnuplot file?

Thank You in advance.

Google points to this:
What is a .gv file?

I have no idea on whether it is relevant.

There’s also GNU GV (about the “gv” command).

Thank You nrickert,
It is indeed a Graphviz Dot File. That was my first thought, along with some kind of ghostscript file. Due to a foolish misspelling on my part, I wasn’t finding much with my searches. However, after straightening myself out, and your post, I figured out how to turn this file into an image file:

dot -Tpng device-graph.gv > device-graph.png