YAST2 elements not opening... Can't make any changes to my system...

I am trying to install Xen virtualization, but nothing is opening in YAST.

(I am using OpenSUSE Leap 42.1/Gnome/64 bit… desktop)

I go YAST > Virtualization > Install Hypervisor and tools, and I just get the mouse icon of a watch… but nothing ever opens. And… I get the same with every element (icon). Yast has stopped or something…

Is this common? Do I type in the Admin password? Yes (so YAST opens).
Can I go to “Software” to install software? No. That gives me the same response. Its like everything on the left panel (the categories) works, but nothing (no icon) on the right panel works…


Leap is still very much in beta not all the pieces are in place yet

Testing on LEAP running in a VM running IceWM (looks cool that a number of very long lived bugs dating all the way to 12.3(?) seems to be fixed), I can see that the menu link you’re clicking on is incorrect (is launching yast2-virtualization instead of yast2-vm).

Instead, open YAST first, then install your Hypervisor and Tools that way.
And, please submit a bug to bugzilla.opensuse.org if it hasn’t been reported already.

Unfortunately I couldn’t verify the entire install process will succeed, I’m getting an error that may be related to trying to install a Hypervisor in a VM already running on another hypervisor. This used to work(although the result was really terrible performance but that was exptected), but may now be blocked.