yast2 dhcp server restart after saving settings

The option to “restart the dhcpd server after saving settings” seems to have been removed sometime after yast2-dhcp-server v4.0.1. The current versions (4.3+) indicates it is restarting… after you “finish” but I see no evidence of this happening. Can someone tell me if this is a new planned behavior?

I am not quite sure I understand all this (could be because I do not run the DHCP server).

But you are running 15.2, which has had no update now since at least the beginning of this year.

You apparently think to have something changed after a new yast2-dhcp-server package was installed. That thus must have been already several months ago. Do I understand correct that it is only now you detected this?

Then you say “I see no evidence of this (the restarting) happening”, but we always mistrust when people posts conclusions only. We want to see evidence. In this case I guess something like the PID being the same before and after, or some systemctl status output.

BTW, on Leap 15.3 there is 4.3.2-150300.3.3.1, which does not seem to differ much from your Leap 15.2 version.
But it could be of course that there was no real development of this package between the two Leap version.


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Additional Info:
Upon entering yast2-dhcpserver, making changes, and exiting, the tool indicates that it is restarting the dhcp server but I see no evidence of it. There is no change to the PID of the server process, and there are no updates to the log (journalctl). I also started the daemon with a -tf (tracefile) and there is no update to the trace file during this sequence. I understand (from the man page) that their is no support for a signal to reload the dhcp configuration and that the service must be stopped and restarted.

Issuing the “service dhcpd restart” command from the shell functions as it should.

There is no longer a specific option (i.e. checkbox) to restart the DHCP server after making changes as there was in the version (yast2-dhcp-server v4.0.1) on at 15.0 system.

Screen image of “restart” option at https://app.box.com/s/5ga7aiqihyyeyzpwemds151r8io62hpuI updated my system to dhcp version 4.4.2 and did not see any changes to the behavior.

If there is a better method to determine if the dhcp server service is being restarted, kindly let me know.

My question: Is the apparent lack of restart of the service is planned behavior?

Thank you!

You can always request to have it moved by reporting it.

Did you verify that reverting to an older version works correctly?

The current versions (4.3+) indicates it is restarting… after you “finish” but I see no evidence of this happening. Can someone tell me if this is a new planned behavior?

If it says it is going to restart but it does not happen this is a bug. If you can confirm this bug in the currently supported version (15.3 and if possible 15.4) you should open bug report. Leap 15.2 is end of support it makes no sense to report against this version.

A bit debatable, it is YaST you have the problem with, not network functionality as such.
As people now have found it and the discussion started, I will leave it here now.
And as said, you can use the report button (the black triangle with ! beneath each post) to ask for such things. We will be happy to help you.

This might still work as an inbuilt compatibility of systemd, but I think nowadays you should do this with

systemctl restart dhcpd

And I concur with @avidjaar. You should either update to 15.3, check again and then open a bug report, or wait until someone here also uses dhcpd on 15.3 (or 15.4)and can reproduce it and then report it.

I will do a fresh install of 15.3 in my lab and report the results.
Thank you for the posts.

I have completed a fresh installation of openSUSE-Leap-15.3-3-DVD-x86_64-Build38.1 and confirmed that the behavior still exists. Note that changes (via YaST) to the configuration ARE recorded in the /etc/dhcp.conf file. Again, I see no evidence (process id change or journalctl entries) of a restart upon exit from YaST. The version of dhcp-server I am now running is: 4.3.6.P1-6.11.1.x86_64.

My configuration uses the default chroot setting as well and also noticed that the /var/lib/dhcp/etc/dhcp.conf file is not updated upon exit from YaST.

If I stop and restart manually with “systemctl restart dhcpd”, I see updates to all of the expected areas as well as the dhcp.conf updates propagated to the {chroot}/etc folder.

As I am new to this forum, please advise any additional info which I can provide as well as the appropriate next step to submit a “bug” report.


https://bugzilla.opensuse.org/index.cgi, same username/password as here.