yast2 clean cache

Hi, I was trying to install Aurdino package from this repository using yast2 gui:


but in the downloading phase I saw that a huge package with 740MB was going to be downloaded but I haven’t enough space on my root directory so I moved about 1.5GB but it’s look like that space that I de allocate was consumed by installer immediately, so I preferred to shutdown the download by using Abort button, and left space was less than 100mb then I use these commends to clean the cache:

sudo zypper clean
sudo zypper clean --all

but free space doesn’t change that much (about 100mb more space became free)
I look at the /var/cache/zypp that suppose to be cache folder but there is only 1 file named MultiCurl.failed which is 365mb so where are cache and files that downloaded? I think yast2 use different location for cache but I can’t figure out where?

The packages are normally downloaded to a directory under “/var/cache/zypp/packages”. They are deleted after the package has been installed, unless you configured the repo to keep downloaded packages. And, in any case, your “zypper clean” should have removed them.

More than likely you’ll be able to free up space if you’re installed on BTRFS by removing snapshots you know you won’t need anymore (You may want to keep a very early snapshot and recent snapshot(s), everything else might go).

Use snapper to manage your system snapshots.
Although there is a YaST snapshot module, in this case you’ll probably do this more easily from the commandline.
You can list your stored snapshots with the following command

snapper list

You can then remove any you want. If snapper has marked a particular snapshot as important, you won’t be able to remove it, you’ll be prevented from doing anything that might be damaging.
View the snapper help and MAN pages for full info.