YaST2 changed 11.2 > 11.3

Hi folks, (is this still the right forum for 11.3 Qu’s?)
In 11.2 if I want to up from one KDE version to another, with the help of kind advice from this forum, I go YaST>SoftMgt> and there is a repositories tab, I select it, select my new repo and click on “switch system packages to those in this repo”… easy peasy… here:

In 11.3 the repositories tab has disappeared, so no “switch system package” option is available >:(

Is this hidden somewhere and needs to be enabled?

Am I right in my “theory(!)” that this is equiv to a “zypper dup -r xxx.xxxx.repo”?

Click on the View drop down menu. You can select repositories from there.

And to add to the above advice from pilotgi: after you gave done this once, the tab will be added to the tabs list.

This is the same as in 11.2.

Thank-you both! You are both correct (naturally), and I am now happily 11.3/KDE4.4.4 on my laptop…
ps Was I right in assuming that this is a direct GUI equivalent of

zypper dup -r (reponame)


It is NOT the equivalence of the creating of the tab :wink:

(But I think that using the “Switch system p…” feature lets YaST execute the zypper dup -r <reponame>)