YaST2 Cannot access installation media - openSUSE 11.0 64bit

Attempting to update my new openSUSE 11.0 install with YaST2, fails completely…

"Cannot access installation media

Check whether the server is accessible"

File ‘./x86_64/libgcj43-jar-4.3.1_20080507-9.1.x86_64.rpm’ not found on medium ‘http://download.opensuse.org/distribution/11.0/repo/oss/

Could this be a problem with my router’s port forwarding setup? The online updater fails to update every repository entry with the same message. I am confused :frowning:

Try this. Make your install DVD the only available source in YaST Software repositories. Then go into YaST Software Management and install libgcj43-jar-4.3.1_20080507-9.1.x86_64.rpm If that works enable OSS, NON-OSS, and update repositories and try again.

thanks, i’ll give that a try. I really dont wanna have to use ubuntu again =D

Update: problem fixed, just applied some good old fashioned™ windows™ technique…

Uninstalled/Reinstalled everything working fine.:cool:

I downloadeed openSUSE 11.o Gnome x86_64 live cd and installed on my acer aspire 4720 laptop
everything went fine until i tried to download fluendo mp3 codec
Whenever i try to refresh to repository it says unable to download some or the other file throwing unable to access Installation Media so no updates and no codec download
i reinstalled thrice entire os from scratch but still same problem.

When i try to download libgcj43-jar-4.3.1_20080507-9.1.x86_64.rpmfrom the repo directly rom the repo thru wget the connection is refused.

So Develop team please fix this soon as i have ordered Boxed pack of openSUSE and dont make me to regret for purchase.
Fix this as early as possible.


im also getting same kind of error , while installing the new application using YAST (Cannot access installation media)> Can u any one, please help me how to resolve this?

sathiya79 wrote:
> Hi,
> im also getting same kind of error , while installing the new
> application using YAST (Cannot_access_installation_media)> Can u any
> one, please help me how to resolve this?

are you trying to to install software from the CD (DVD?) or, are you
connected to the internet?

if connected to the internet most folks go into YaST > Software
Repositories then find and disable the CD/DVD and make sure the oss,
non-oss, update and packman repos are enabled…

that should solve your problem…if not, post again…

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I am having a similar problem. When I try to update software, I sometimes get the “cannot access installation media” message. This seems to happen when the .rpm is in a subdirectory such as i586. A specific example is the amarok rpm for “/repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.1” which is i586/amarok-2.3.0-71.2.i586.rpm. The installation software seems to look in know there is an update in the subdirectories but doesn’t know to retrieve the file from the subdirectory.

I have the exact same problem, only with the matching 11.2 repository.

If I actually go to the repository it shows fine:
Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.2/i586

But if I try to download one of the packages in Firefox (for testing’s sake), such as
then I get “404 not found”

When I look to the urlbar, I notice that it has

Hmmm, that is a slightly different url. Anyway, trying to go up a few directories I get the first non-404 at
Index of /pub/dists/opensuse/repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/
And sure enough there is no factory in there.

All as of now.

(Worst of all, I have got a borked 11.2 due to this :cry: and am posting from 11.3M7.)

I wonder if it has to do with the colons ( : ) in the url. I notice that the url gets displayed with the colons replaced with “%3a” and think that it is being treated as a string and not as a hex value. This problem just started in the past week.

No, I don’t think it has anything to do with faulty strings in urls. The requested files, and whole directories are just not there. Looks rather, like something is down somewhere. But, that is more a guess than anything else.

Seems to be working now.

You recent posters might want to start a new thread next time instead of resurrecting or appending to a 2 year-old ancient thread. Your problems are with newer releases, not the 11.0 mentioned in the title.