yast2/bootload @Leap 42.1: "Internal error .. unknown udev device" after moving to new HDD


I had to move my openSuse Leap 42.1 (shortly after install) to a newly installed disc, because SMART reported, that the old one is about to die.
(Already noted down to first check health status, before installing fresh OS… :wink:

I used the procedure described here: (fiddled for openSuse on my own)

I didn’t reset the UUID, because I wanted to remove the old HDD anyway.

After copying and finally removing the defective HDD, I couldn’t boot the system (big surprise :wink:
After scratching my head, I install a minimal openSuse 42.1 on another (freshly created) partition on the new disc. (A hurray to GUID partitioning, which makes this possible without hassles)

That booted. In this “rescue system” I succeeded to get the “old” entries in grub2, using yast2. (And now I can boot my copied “old” system)

But now the bootloader-config is on the rescue partition.
So I would like to move the grub2 config back to the system I’m actually booting.

When I try to do this using yast2 on the “old” system I get:

"Internal error. PIease report a bug report with logs.
Details: Unknown udev device /dev/disk/by-id/ata-ST31000528AS_9VPA9hIOE-part1
Caller_ /usr/share/Yast2/bootloder/udev_mapping.rb:4_:in io_kernel_device'"

(Text screenshot and OCR - I hope I found all the “typos”)

Sure enough “/dev/disk/by-id/ata-ST31000528AS_9VPA9hIOE-part1” is on the old - now gone - HDD.
I’ve found in /etc/default/grub a UUID entry for resume, no longer present (according to blkid). I changed the UUID to the one of the new swap device and ran grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg after fixing to UUID to the one of the new disc.
But after rebooting the system, I still get the yast2 error msg above.

How can I recover this stuff ?
Where are the logs I’m asked for ?



Edit /etc/default/grub_installdevice and replace reference to old disk with new one. This issue came up before and there should be bug report, but I do not have reference handy.