YaST2 and PackageKit

Hello! I’m using OpenSuSE 11.1 (GNOME).

It appears that OpenSuSE 11.1 has both YaST2 and PackageKit. This seems to me to be rather redundant. We end up with two package managers and two update managers.

On the YaST2 side, we have:
Package Manager: YaST → Software → Software Management
Update Manager: YaST → Software → Online Update

And for PackageKit:
Package Manager: More Applications… → System → Add/Remove Software
Update Manager: More Applications… → System → Update System

Not to mention that we also have More Applications… → System → Install Software that links to YaST2.

Could someone explain to me why we have these two package managers? And is it better to use one over the other? Or do each of them have their own role? What features does one have that the other does not?

As far as I know, both YaST2 and PackageKit seem to use Zypper as the back-end. And I know that you can just use Zypper to do all your package management.


Sorry, I meant to post in the Applications forum, not the Install/Boot/Login forum… My apologies.