YaST2 Add HTTP Alias?

When adding a repository via YaST2, how do you add the Alias name? I don’t see a text_box for Alias?

I noticed in /etc/zypp/repos.d/ that YaST2 uses the Alias, as well as in /var/cache/zypp/. I have very descriptive text in the Name field to make it easier to read in YaST2 Versions Tab, etc. YaST2 appears to make the Alias = Name.

Does the user have to use zypper if they want/need a unique/simple Alias name?

Thank you.

Update I see in this bug report that the Alias is a parsed version of the URL, but still no mention how to change it in YaST2.

I modified some Names in YaST2 and I also modified some Alias with zypper. The actual physcial file name seemed to change sometimes when I used YaST2 but not zypper. Does anyone know what triggers a physical file rename in /etc/zypp/repos.d?

Anyone see any danger in the following:
zypper lr -e opensuse11.2
rm /etc/zypp/repos.d/
zypper ar opensuse11.2.repo
zypper cc -a
zypper refresh

This is as much educational (learn more about yast/zypper repositories), as it is productive work. I could have used some of this knowledge to solve a system problem. Currently I’m doing it on a virtual machine, and I backed everything up :slight_smile:

One other question, when adding a repository (zypper ar) I noticed there is an option to “Keep packages in cache”/-k. The default is no or “no-keep-packages”/-K. But how do you see this value?
I did a zypper lr -d, but I don’t see a cache column. YaST2 has a checkbox at the bottom of the window labeled, “Keep Downloaded Packages”. Does zypper display this information? If so, what’s the option?