Yast & Zypper not updating

I’ve searched and I can’t find this problem posted anywhere.

First, I have suse 11.0 installed as a dual boot with Vista on an Acer laptop. Built-in Intel GM965 graphics. Kwin is working with 3d enabled and effects seem to be fine.

I have the standard oss, non-oss, update and packman repos enabled. I also have videolan, backports and buildservice for mozilla and openoffice enabled. Just recently added the KDE stable repos.

The problem is this. When I start yast updater and refresh the repos it says I have no updates. (under package, "update if newer available) If I run zypper ref && zypper up it says my packages are all up to date.

However, if I go in and click on a single package the update icon (little green arrow pointing upward) appears and I do have updates. Just a few minutes ago I manually clicked on all my installed KDE apps and found they ALL had updates.

What could be causing this??

I should say this is a reinstall as I borked my system earlier trying to upgrade to 4.1. So my home folder is on a separate partition and was intact when I started. There are configuration files in the home folder and I am wondering if it retained those and that is somehow interfering with the new install.

(dolphin also starts automatically when I login to KDE - but that’s just an annoyance)

Should I delete .kde and .kde4 and all subfolders in ~/home ??

Thanks in advance for any help.


I’ve also lost patterns in the yast filter. All it shows is Java.

Something has gone wrong with Yast. Anybody have any ideas??

If you mean that you are clicking inside the square-box next to the package-name,
then NO, that does NOT mean there is an update. That’s a toggle…keep clicking
on it and you can SET that to whatever you want. When you SET it to green-uparrow,
you are asking it to RE-INSTALL UNCONDITIONALLY that package (since it already
HAD a check-mark). If you click there on a package that is NOT yet installed, the only
two choices, from repeated-clicks, will be to INSTALL or NOT-INSTALL

So, that part is ok.

[Your broken patterns make no sense. You should have the full list that
you saw the first time you ever looked in ‘Patterns’. So, for me that would
be grounds for a complete re-install of SUSE, which is not a bad thing…
typically, one can do that in less than an hour, and one almost ALWAYS
learns something new each time they install. (I keep a separate /home partition,
as you do.)]

Thanks a million. That explain the update process a little more…and makes sense.

As for patterns, I hate to give up and reinstall. I’ll do that as a last resort, but I learn more by tinkering around under the hood and asking questions. :slight_smile:

Got any idea why Dolphin starts whenever I login to KDE?? I’ve played with sessions to save or start new and that doesn’t make any difference.