YaST & zypper install and uninstall - application dependencies modifications/changes

Both install or change a lot of dependencies.
But when I uninstall an application that needed dependencies ‘modified’, why don’t they also remove or change back all those dependencies?
I am afraid of putting too much of what won’t be used IF I remove an application.
IE: Lollypop put in/changed about 45 or more dependencies, but when I uninstall it all of those added/changed dependencies are still hanging out in the system.

Another ‘BillL’ conundrum!
that is why I like to keep install logs separate in my home folder.

zypper rm -u PACKAGENAME

should do it.

You can also enable it in the options menu of Yast—Software Installation.

Thanks, that should do it. We’ll see when I remove next install I don’t want.