YaST won't start in KDE4 on SuSE 11.1

Hello all,
I wonder if somebody can help me here…
After updating KDE4 via repository in software management, YaST can not start anymore! When starting from application launcher there is a message box that says

(Header) Sorry- KDE su
(Message) Command ‘/sbin/yast2’ not found.

If e.g. “Install software” is started from application launcher(Comand /sbin/yast2 --install) - it works.

What could have caused YaST not being able to start from application launcher?

Many thanks…

…verified that /sbin/yast2 exists.
There is also a file “YaST2” in the same directory…

KDE version is 4.1.3 release 4.10.4

Many thanks…

…anybody please?

Open Konsole & try:

# zypper update

Just in case you don’t know # in this case means as root. So you’d type:

Give your root password when prompted
zypper update

Let us know how that works.

zaratin wrote:
> …anybody please?
to me it sounds like you have somehow damaged the settings in your /home

try adding a new/test user and then log out as yourself and login as
the new/test user…

see if launching YaST from “from application launcher” works…if so,
then there is absolutely something in your /home settings which has
been changed somehow…

but, i am a little confused by what it is you are calling the
“application launcher”…of course, i’ve never used kde4 but, is that
something you choose in the menu which pops up and all your
applications are listed…or is it the menu?


Hello Sagemta and platinum,
many thanks for your responses, I really appreciate it.
@platinum: yes, by “application launcher” a popup menu is meant where program icons can be clicked to start program.

After long research and unsuccessful attempts to fix the problem I decided to “re-upgrade” the installation.
Just selected “Upgrade” from DVD and let the process go through - after that everything worked again. I am not really able to tell what exactly was damaged, to me it looks as if it was something with user /home settings after I upgraded KDE4 from an online repository (through YaST).

Many thanks again for your hints!