Yast won't set DNS servers

When I set my DNS servers via Yast>Network Devices>Network Settings>Hostname DNS it accepts the addresses, but then when I check then the next time they are faded out. I set them again, but same results.

Any ideas?

Hello, I think this could help you:

Select the way how DNS configuration (name servers, search list, the content of /etc/resolv.conf file) will be modified. Normally, it is handled by netconfig script which merges the data statically defined here with those obtained dynamically (e.g. from DHCP client, NetworkManager etc.). This is the default, Use Default Policy option and it is sufficient for most of the configurations.
By choosing Only Manually option, netconfig will no longer be allowed to modify /etc/resolv.conf. You can however edit the file manually. By choosing Use Custom Policy option, you may specify a custom policy string, which consists of comma-separated list of interface names, including wildcards, with STATIC and STATIC_FALLBACK as predefined special values. For more information, see netconfig manual page. Note: leaving the field blank is the same as using Only Manually policy.
Enter the name servers and domain search list for resolving hostnames. Usually they can be obtained by DHCP.
A name server is a computer that translates hostnames into IP addresses. This value must be entered as an IP address (for example,, not as a hostname.
Search domain is the domain name where hostname searching starts. The primary search domain is usually the same as the domain name of your computer (for example, suse.de). There may be additional search domains (such as suse.com). Separate the domains with commas or white space.

Are you sure you do not have DHCP switchd on to a DHCP server that overwrites your data.

You can see your actual DNS servers in /etc/resolv.conf.

Thanks for the quick answer. In Yast, “Modify DNS Configuration” is set to “Only Manually”. I thought that was a pretty clear instruction.

My /etc/sysconfig/network shows the following variables…


…and the STATIC_SERVERS variable shows the three addresses I set with Yast. But then my /ets/resolve.conf shows that I am using


I was under the impression that The Yast “Only Manually” would override external changes. Perhaps I need to change one of the other NETCONFIG_DNS variables. I am confused.

if you put in Yast “Use Default Policy” then the dns ip’s indicated in yast are merged with those you obtain through DHCP. If you set “Only Manully” then you have to edit and set DNS addresses in /etc/resolv.conf manually.
This is working well for me on my openSUSE 11.4 desktop.

This is what I have in 11.2:

boven:/etc/sysconfig/network # grep DNS config
# Defines the DNS merge policy as documented in netconfig(8) manual page.
# Set to "" to disable DNS configuration.
# Defines the name of the DNS forwarder that has to be configured.
# List of DNS domain names used for host-name lookup.
# List of DNS nameserver IP addresses to use for host-name lookup.
boven:/etc/sysconfig/network # grep -v '#' /etc/resolv.conf
search xs4all.nl
boven:/etc/sysconfig/network #

All configured in YaST. DHCP is not used for any NIC.


Do you have any idea were they could come from?

I believe there are no miracles, according to help all other dns IPs (not set by Yast) in /etc/resolv.conf can come from DHCP client, NetworkManager etc.
As you said that you’re not using DHCP then maybe there is still a module that modify your /etc/resolv.conf.
Otherwise a lot of suse users should complaint about similar problem :slight_smile: