yast won't open

when i go through the menu it doesn’t launch. when i type yast2 in the console prompt it launches but everything i click inside of it doesn’t work. I get no errors either when i click on yast or the icon’s within yast. worst of all it still does it even after a rebooted

any thoughts?


just noticed when i run yast2 from the console prompt i get an error of (Xlib: extension “RANDR” missing on display “::1:1.0”.)

what ever that may tell someone?

You can reinstall it from CD/DVD.
Something like this:

rpm -Fvihf yast2*(the rest of the file name)

There may be a lot of Yast rpms in the CD, so run this command to know what you are missing.

rpm -Va | grep -i yast2

At the mean time you can try to use these commands.

rpm -rebuilddb

zypper refresh

Another advice is to install Smart.