Yast window is empty

Hello. I have opensuse 11.0 on my HP

I recently updated via yast several packages.

The next day I tried to install a package through 1-click install and I got an error message. I can’t remember exactly what it said but it was about perl-XML-parser :shame:.

I read somewhere that I had to remove the package and install it again. I did it and yast went away. Then, I installed yast with zipper, Yast came back but empty :(.

What can I do?

Thanks in advance…

Boot to level 3 (clear all boot arguments and just type the number 3) and login as user at the CLI and go su, then type:


In this basic yast you can re-install all yast packages. Maybe this will sort it.

I’ll give it a try.


It didn’t work, it’s also empty.:’(

Boot with the dvd and use that to repair.

I installed from CD. Will that work?

If you boot (the live cd if necessary, if your system is not fully working) you should be able to read the ‘history’ file at /var/log/zypp

That will tell us what you have removed and we should be able to use zypper to get it back. Look at the end of the document, copy some here.

But the cd does not have a repair feature.

OK. I’ll do that in a few hours. I’m at work right now.

Thanks a lot.