YaST User management cannot connect to LDAP


We have a strange problem on a LDAP server. The LDAP service is running fine and authentication works and you can connect remotely to it with a tool like Apache Directory Studio and manage it, but in YaST user and Group Management if I set the filter to LDAP, it has the wrong BindDN and even if I fill in the correct one it won’t connect. It says invalid credentials.

Any idea what can be wrong?

PS. There are two LDAP servers at two sites and they are configured similar. The other one can connect to its local LDAP server and in the Authentication popup after you set the filter it shows that it is connecting to localhost, while the one that does not work shows that it is using the hostname. Not sure if it makes a diffrence. I don’t know where to change that.

PPS. In /etc/sysconfig/ldap, the BIND_DN value is correct

Andre T

You might start troubleshooting starting with the most basic… eg


Is your machine named properly?
Is your machine resolving properly?
Maybe, you should have an empty hosts file if you intend to resolve <only> domain names. Remember, if you have anything in your hosts file that contradicts what is in your DNS, your hosts file will always be authoritative.

Then, compare your LDAP server configuration.