YAST update runs amok

The updater applet goes to a red triangle (openSUSE 11.1 64 bit with KDE 3.5). I go to YAST then Online Update (the updater applet is way too opaque with its very sparse activity reporting, so I always use the other YAST updater for its more verbose output).

I see the xterm security fix which I left selected and an optional “Download and Install Microsoft(r) TrueType Core Fonts” which I didn’t select (the check box was clear). When I click accept, it did the xterm download, then started the MS TrueType Core Fonts download (starting with a license search and a few fonts). I had to abort, rerun YAST Online Update, set “Download and Install Microsoft(r) TrueType Core Fonts” to taboo never install, then set the two MS download software programs in the package window to delete and click accept again to clean them out.

Why is the “Download and Install Microsoft(r) TrueType Core Fonts” going rogue and running an update I never selected and never wanted to run?

Now I probably have a garbage copy of an MS font license to track down and delete from my system. This is unwanted/unasked for grief!

These last updates completely corrupted my fonts. They are very ugly now, even sans, serif ecc

I have the same problem but it happens with any update. All package patches/updates are downloaded and installed, even the ones that I have not selected.

It started with 11.1. I’ve updated to KDE4.2 but it still happens.