yast to sesame repository

hy there,

can someone please point me to the right direction where to start researching ].

i want to read the yast database i dont even know, if the data is persisted in a database ] and save some data to a sesame triple store in rdf.

final goal of my project would be to have a daemon thats logs into different machines gathers the installed rpms and puts the names of the rpms into my triplestore.

any help appreciated
wkr turnguard

Hi Turnguard & Welcome,

Sounds like an interesting project!

I think your best bet would be to join the developer mailing list and also check the irc channels.

Look here for an overview of possible places to start: Communicate - openSUSE

There is a specific channel for YaST : irc://irc.opensuse.org/yast

These mailing list might be most relevant:

There are also localized channels available that can be found in the first mentioned overview.


YaST covers many aspects of the system configuration, but you seem to want the package management bit. That is handled by libzypp on top of RPM. Just “rpm -qa” might be all that you need. Also see /usr/share/doc/packages/rpm/manual/queryformat .

thanks, thats certainly a starting point, for the interested
there’s also a detailed page about rpm queries
The Parts of an RPM Query

wkr turnguard