Yast System Service Expert Runlevels Slow

Why does it take 55 seconds to switch on “Expert” mode in Yast → Systems → System Services Runlevels → Expert mode, when it has only taken 10 seconds in earlier releases?

Anyone heard of this?

It takes 98 seconds on my aging machine! I’m not sure what this time was on earlier releases - but I feel sure it wasn’t that long.

I’ll check it it out and post back - I have 10.3 on another partition.

It’s almost instantaneous in 10.3 - less than 3 seconds to switch from ‘Simple’ to ‘Expert’ mode.

My whole system runs a lot slower with 11.0, but there again, I’m also running KDE4 which is also loading my machine with the graphics overhead. I’m going to have to invest in more memory - 256 Mb is just not enough - swap is in constant use. However, I don’t think this is related to your original query.

3 seconds compared to 90 seconds is a huge change in my case and the 10 to 55 in your case is still a questionable amount. Sorry I can’t be more help than that other than to confirm your observation.

10.0 = 0 seconds, 10.1 = 0 seconds

Booting those took me back a ways; I miss the peaceful light blue of the early Suse Linux – now a days we have the primeval evocations of swamp green.

Thanks …

I’ve added 512Mb of memory to my laptop and it now runs at a normal speed with KDE4. :slight_smile:

With regard to your original query, this is now nearer to your observed load time and I now load ‘expert’ mode in 48 seconds, which is not good compared to previous releases.

On first glance, if it worked immediately in 10.x, perhaps there’s a bug in 11.0. Probably will be fixed indue course. 11.1 is out in December I think.