Yast Sysconfig Editor


is there any particular reason why the parameter


cannot be changed using “Yast Sysconfig Editor”?


I’ve never had the need to adjust it…but yes I can confirm the same.

Reason for this post:-

often after working off-line, shutting down takes > 90 seconds

shutting down after working on-lines takes < 5 seconds

to rectify this “wait” was searched for in sysconfig editor and all parameters reduced

it works in all cases except for NM_ONLINE_TIMEOUT

this parameter can still be changed directly by changing it in the file /etc/sysconfig/network/config

is this a glitch in the sysconfig editor or is it deliberate?

It is strange indeed. I have a Leap 15.1 here which does the same (grayed out). But e.g. WAIT_FOR_INTERFACES is not grayed out.

IMHO the sysconfig editor does not have knowledge about what these parameters really are. It only look sin to files (like/etc/sysconfig//network/config) and finds there line with start with ##. It works from what is defined there. In bothe cases these are:

## Type:        int
## Default:     30


## Type:        int
## Default:     30

Thus it should behave the same for both.

I have browsed these lines again and again, but see no differences :slight_smile: