Yast- Strange Side Effect

Frankly I don’t know where this post belongs.
I have tried quite unsuccessfully to install nvidia drivers on my laptop a Sony Vaio VPCF234FD.
Had no problems with 12.3 to install nvidia drivers.
I have tried all the troubleshooting suggestions to no avail. So I have mentally blacklisted nvidia for my laptop.

Please note I am not seeking advice on how to install nvidia. I am quite happy with nouveau this time around. On 12.3 I had no OpenGL support with nouveau.

After yet another unsuccessful nividia installation, I restored a disk image created just before my last attempt at nvidia installation.
That image had the nvidia repositories enabled.
I went to remove MakeMkv which I had installed previously. Removing MakeMkv was conditional to Yast installing the nvidia drivers – strange but I let it go ahead and install the nvidia drivers, of course yet again upon restarting there was the graphics resolution was as awful as before.

My question: why removing MakeMkv would cause Yast to propose installation of graphics drivers.

Inquiring minds wants to know.

MakeMkv ?

Where is that from, it’s not in my repos

It’s not removing MakeMkv that makes YaST propose the installation of the graphics drivers.

It’s because you made a change in the software list. Any other change would have had the same effect.

When calculating/checking the dependencies YaST recognizes that those graphics drivers are recommended for your system, so it will add them to the list of packages to install.

If you uninstall them explicitely, they will get added to the SoftLock list, so they won’t be selected anymore automatically by YaST.

I understand Yast’s behavior now.

MakemMkv is in a home repo deltafox. Concerning MakeMkv I was very disapointed because it said the version was old, and I had to register and download a paying version.
I know that whenever I activate a home repo I take chances. Anyway I have deleted that repo.

Thanks for the prompt reply.