Yast sound module missing

Just re-installed Tumbleweed (after a disk failure) and there is no option in Yast to set up sound card. Did I miss something or is there a module missing?

This module is deprecated since years and got removed…

So how does one setup sound cards?


Normaly nowadays no additional setup is needed as it works out of the box. If it does not work out of the box, find out which hardware you are using and install the relevant driver (as example sof-firmware).

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For the vast majority of users no configuration is needed. Are you having problems with sound?

Well, sound from video clips works fine, but I can’t get anything workable out of Musescore and I don’t seem to be able to set up a sequencer or midi instruments. So realistically the basic sound card functionality is there, but the additional bits which I have not needed to mess around with before seem not to be there.

I’m not familiar with Musecore, but a quick google suggests that it might need pipewire-alsa support to function? Anyway, worth a shot to add that package.

Just a few of several results that turned up relating to “Musecore pipewire”…

Thanks for those - I will have a look. In the meantime I went for the nuclear option of re-installing everything. Sound from Musescore is now back to normal - still issues on recognising midi input, but not a real problem!