YAST Software Update Crashes

Been using SUSE for about a week with 4.1 and things are coming together. However, in the last couple days, whenever I open the software installer and try to update my system the app just quits. I can install new software just fine, it’s just when I try to update. Any ideas what might be going on? SUSE seems to be updating KDE (among other system files) quite often and I’d like to stay up to date.


First, I never let updates run auto
I always manage from software management

try going thru your repo’s there and choose update all in list if newer ver. avail.

Thanks for the reply. I guess I wasn’t real clear on what I was doing. Your suggestion is exactly the way I do updates. I open “software management”, go to repositories, then select “update all in list if newer version available”. However, for the last couple days it crashes when I do this.

No error messages then?

Look in the Updates repo
are there updates there for zypper or Yast?

search for and add Smart and Smart gui
you can use smart to run updates and install, handy if you have a problem with Yast

Hi Eric,

Also see what happens when running the updates from a terminal;

su - (enter root pw)
zypper ref
zypper up

This updates the system in a same manner & could solve the issue or point to where is going wrong.