yast>software repositories do not allow to edit repository name

I don’t know if it is related but I installed luckybackup 0.5.0 by one click install, now, I cannot edit the ropository from I installed luckybackup.
I select it, press edit, edit the name, click OK but nothin is edited and the name remain as it was.
any suggestion?? :slight_smile:

Try as superuser (su -):

zypper renamerepo <alias|name|#|URI> <new-alias>

manythanks orsobruno, yes, as superuser I can change the alias with

zypper renamerepo http-download.opensuse.org-62b10c67 home:/luckyb69

and the name with

pla-3-TW:/home/pla # zypper mr -n "home:/luckyb69(luckybackup)" 14

…but there is something like a bug or a setting that continues to not allow me to edit the name by yast
ciao, pier :slight_smile:

I can confirm that Yast Software Repositories allows me to change the name, but it doesn’t actually change the name. So, yes, there’s a bug there. It’s not a bug that particularly worries me.

More concerning is this effect both Opensuse Leap 15 and SUSE Enterprise Server 15 as well.

I have the games repo enabled on SLES 15 (because why not) and during the time of install there was only the downlaod.opensuse.org/repositories/games/SLE_12_SP3 repo. Now that got nuked form high orbit and SLE_15 is avalible. Sadly no matter what i do in YAST, it will not change the repo URL at all.

I imagine it’s the zypper ‘service’ your seeing… the zypper ‘service’ is one level up…

Check the output from;

zypper lr
zypper ls

Doing that showed that none of the changes i implemented in YAST> Software Repositories took hold. Editing the repos manually with an editor did.

Bug report filed: