YAST Software Mangement question about the packager?

Using the Software Manager in YAST how do I determine who the packager of the file is? Is it appropriate to contact them and ask them to update the version?

If you select a program in the software manager and click the Technical Data tab you will see info such as Vendor and sometimes Author

Regarding updated versions, as far as I’m aware when a new version is released and deemed stable enough to be included they are added to the repositories and pulled in via updates

If you aren’t sure whether you’re using the latest available version from the repositories in your list, find the program in software manager and click the Versions tab, this shows both the available versions and your installed version

To change a version, select the relevant radio button and click Accept

There are no other versions offered and it is not the latest release of the application. What I want to find out is who packaged it and if I can contact them? How do I find out the package in YAST Software Management? This is not from the main repos.

The vendor is obs://build.opensuse.org/hamradio and BerliOS Developer: Project Summary - WSJT is the URL given.

FlameBait wrote:
> The vendor is obs://build.opensuse.org/hamradio
If you look at the hamradio project
there is a tab Advanced, if you click that you see a tab users which shows 4
maintainers and the option to send them an email.

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Thanks Martin. I sent a request to one of them.