yast software manager

I have just installed Suse 11.0 and I have a “stupid question”.
When you install a package from one Internet repository using the yast software manager:

  1. where does it download the packages that it is going to install (the path)?
  2. does it delete the downloaded packages by default after they are installed?
  3. if not how to force to delete the downloaded packages after the installation?

I use now much more Internet repositories then I used to do in the past (even for installation non only for updates), and I do not want to risk to run out of space

Another question: does it uses different mirrors for the Oss an Non-Oss repositories depending on the country you live in/the language of the OS … etc or it is always uses the same repository? In the past you could (should) choose manually the mirror from a list, now it adds automatically one.
I mean it would make sense out of performance reasons to use different repositories. If it is the case: how does it chose which repository to use? I live in Germany (i.e. Timezone=Germany and clearly the IP is a “Germany IP”)but my system is set with language and keyboard = English US → what does it use in my case?


  1. if kept under /var/cache/zypp/packages
  2. yes
  3. set “keeppackages=1” in the /etc/zypp/repos.d/*.repo files