YaST selects packages on its own

I’m not talking about YaST auto-resolving dependencies for me or the auto-updater checking for patches… sometimes, when I start up the Software Management portion of YaST, there will be a package or two marked for installation. Today, for example, it wants ksshaskpass. This is 11.2 64-bit. (I know I’m bucking the trend of 11.3 questions, but I’m hoping you can overlook that.)

Is this behavior expected? I don’t think I ever noticed it prior to 11.2. Has anyone else noticed this weirdness?

I think you will find that this was a recommended update which YaST thought you might like to download at the same time as you were downloading some other software. YaST always does this if you install the Live-CD versions anyway.

novelgazer wrote:
> I’m not talking about

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