Yast security + KDE

Maybe this is a stupid question…but it seems like a bit of an oversight to me.

The thing is: in Yast there’s a module to configure sudo. Which is great, but why is then KDE shipped with a frontend to su (kdesu) rather than sudo (kdesudo)? Is it the same for Gnome?

As it is, the Yast module is only useful for commandline commands like zypper but not the GUI-equivalent. Or have I missed something?

The reason why openSUSE does not make sudo the default is that, with a conventional administrator, it is more straightforward to use su. So why make things complicated for people?

If that’s the reason (even though I don’t agree that su is more straight-forward) why is there even a yast-sudo module installed by default?

I have no problem with su being the default or even the only option but in my opinion, a system should use either su or sudo - not both.